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Animal Welfare in Greece:

Having a pet means extra expenses and responsibilities that we all shoulder gladly, yet who are we to kid? Between vaccinations, vet visits, food and periodic treatments for parasites and flea and tick prevention, the costs can mount, especially if one has several four-legged members of the family.

The easiest way to save on pet supplies is quite simply to order on-line.

Deworming tablets, anti-flea/tick collars, spot-on treatments like Frontline and Advantage, wide spectrum antibiotics, vitamin supplements, joint and mobility supplements, fish oil for Omega 3 and a long list of products can be had for 40% savings and more. There are often special offers that mean even more savings and there are generic products which have the same composition as their brand named counterparts but which are much cheaper. Different companies have different policies but most will deliver to Greece for a small extra charge of less than 5 euros and Amazon has free delivery to Greece for orders above 25 pounds.



One of the greatest expenses during the warm season are the flea and tick control products. One of these is Frontline which contains the active ingredient Fipronil and can be used for cats and dogs alike. We have found a way to have additional savings ON TOP of the 40% discount that on-lin pet pharmacies offer is to buy the largest package of the largest size pipette (6 x 4.02 ml pipette) and then measure the correct amount to use with a syringe. Spot-on products made of Fipronil like Frontline and Fiprospot can be used in this manner as the concentration of the product does not change with the different size pipettes, only the dosage by liquid volume changes. Please note that the official website for Frontline does NOT recommend this practice, however the reason they offer for this is that the dosage needs to be precise. Well, this required precision can be acheived by measuring the product with a syringe, simple as that.

In this manner one can acheive savings of up to 70% on these products. As an example, using this technique, it will cost  around 3.80 euros to treat a 20-40kg dog instead of the 11 euros that the same sized single pipette will cost at the pet store or vet.

Please note that in our experience this only applies to Fipronil based products like Frontline and Fiprospot, we have no experience with Advantage. Furthermore, Advantage for dogs and Advantage for cats are two entirely different products and cannot be used interchangeably. The product for dogs contains permethrin which is a pesticide poisonous to cats and indeed many pet owners have inadvertently poisoned their beloved pets by confusing the two products. Please do not make this mistake.

The other large expense are the annual vaccinations which cost 25-30 euros per pet at the vets. However these vaccinations may be purchased at your local phramacy at the fraction of this price. If you are able to vaccinate your pet yourself (subcutaneously at the scruff of the neck) you could save substantially. The exception to this is the anti-rabies vaccination that only qualified vets may administer. Keep careful records of all vaccinations that you administer including the stickers from the vacine and the date of vaccination, ideally in a pet passport or vaccination booklet. You may obtain the latter free from your vet.

In any case, it is always prudent to do your own research before taking any of the steps outlined above. Please note that this is NOT an official recommendation of PAWS.