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Animal Welfare in Greece:


At PAWS we are happy to help you rehome any dog or cat that you may have rescued from the streets. We are now successfully rehoming over 80 animals anually, mostly abroad in Germany, Holland and the UK where we work with other organizations and volunteers.

All of our communication will be through email at: We respond to emails very promptly from Monday-Friday.

We will require your cooperation to do the job and this is what needs to be done:

  • Keep the rescue in a safe place until it is rehomed. Either by fostering it yourself or finding a foster home for it. If you cannot do this we will inform you of the boarding possibilities there are. Very occasionally one of our few foster homes will be available.
  • Take a series of good photographs of the animal in various positions and situations (sitting, standing, lying down, playing etc.) If it is a dog who gets along with other dogs, cats and children please take photos to illustrate this. Remember that the photos are the most important thing to rehome quickly, how else can a family be moved to adopt? Photos of the animal looking straight into the camera are best.
  • Write a description of the animal's personality as well as the following information: Age, weight, height (from floor top of shoulder), sex and name. Please let us know the circumstances of the rescue.
  • Send us the photos and information via email to
  • Start the vaccinations at once. All the animals have to be vaccinated, chipped and have their Pet passports issued. If the animals are older then 4 months of age they should start with their anti rabies vaccinations along with the multi-vaccination for dog or cat. You may use our vet for this or you may use your own vet. If you will use our vet, please contact us for the costs.
  • Puppies and kittens under 4 months of age must first have their mutli vaccinations and then booster and anti rabies vaccination 3 weeks later.  All of the animals must be dewormed (puppies every two weeks) and they must be treated for fleas and ticks adequately. We recommend spot-on products such as these. During the warm season all dogs must also wear Scalibor collars to protect them against Leishmaniasis.
  • All dogs over 10 months of age must also have their blood tested for Leishmania and Ehrlichia using the Duo SNAP tests. If negative the results must be noted in the passports. If positive we will discuss the various treatment options.

In the meantime PAWS will pass the photos and information through our network to find them homes. The time will vary from a few weeks for young puppies and small sized dogs to months for larger dogs. Cats are easily rehomed although there are addtional costs associated with their transport, so please consult us.

Until we have confirmed an adoptive home you may also try to rehome the animal yourself. However once we have found a home, you will be obliged to send the animal to its new home as many people will have worked very hard to find the home, interview the new families, check the homes etc.

The animals will travel to their new homes mostly via a Pet Chauffeur who travels from Pelion going through several European countries until the UK. We will arrange for the cost of transport to be covered (usually 200-350 euros depending on the destination).

Once with their new families we will get news and photos that we will send on to you and also post on our Facebook page. You may also keep in contact directly with the new families if you so wish and if they agree (which they usually do).

That is it! Until you see the next stray who needs your help.... but rest assured that PAWS will be here to help YOU continue to help the animals! We have worked long and hard to perfect the system, our "conveyor belt" as we like to call it and it works!