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Animal Welfare in Greece:

  If you have rescued a stray and would like PAWS to help you rehome it, please see here.


We now manage to rehome over 80 animals a year, mostly in Germany, Holland and the UK. This is quite a record for a tiny charity like ours. Our success means that animal lovers in Pelion are encouraged to rescue animals because they know that they can rely on PAWS to help rehome their rescues. This knock on effect creates a network of support for the strays of Pelion that would otherwise not exist.

We don't do it alone. We work with wonderful charities and volunteers in these other countries who find the homes for our rescues, vet them, do home checks and generally see to the welfare of the dogs and cats that we send them.

 The charities forward emails from the families, on to us and it is a joy when after many months, we receive photos and emails of our rescues with their new families:

It is extremely difficult to find good homes in Greece although we make an effort to do so and we have rehomed a very small percentage of animals this way. Bear in mind, once again the cultural differences here. We have to be very careful about where hunting hounds go, for example, as these are valued by hunters who keep them confined and in miserable conditions for the most part. Or large dogs who are used as guards and kept chained up their whole life.

Many locals consider a vet an unthinkable expense, they do not deworm their animals nor do they vaccinate them. Yet because they may feed a dog irregularly they will consider themselves animal lovers. For the most part, dogs are considered “dirty” and are not let indoors. These are deeply ingrained cultural differences that we work hard to overcome but are still widespread.

Tara, a Rottweiler mix spent years on a chain before being abandoned with a fractured femur.

Small, white dogs are the most popular yet even these may be neglected or abandoned.


We consider this part of our work vital and certainly, it changes the lives of the rescued animals. If you have ever seen a starving stray in Greece and felt your heart constrict, please support our rescue and adoption programme so that a very small number of these unfortunate animals can have homes at last, like our lovely Tara...

Tara with her new mum, Ina in Germany