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Animal Welfare in Greece:

At some point your pet will need a dose of anitbiotics. Three simple rules to follow are:

  • Use the right medication
  • Give the right dose
  • Keep the animal on the medication long enough 

The goal of antibiotics is to wipe out any infection. If you do not keep the animal long enough on the medication, the infection could develop a resistance to it. Therefore do NOT stop medicating once you see that the animal is better - follow the entire regime. Generally, anitbiotics must be given for 7-12 days and a good rule of thumb is to medicate for three days longer after the problem looks like it has been dealt with.

Always use antibiotics in cases of severe wounds, rips or animal bites. Clean out and disinfect the wound first and then start medicating with Clavamox (Augmentin) or Cephalexin (Fish Flex). If an infection does not seem to clear up after 4 days switch to a stronger antibiotic like Baytril and start the regime from the top.

Types of antibiotics and dosages

Clavamox (Augmentin): this is a human antibiotic and readily available at the local pharmacies. A good all rounder antibiotic that can be used to treat staph infections from bite wounds, also respiratory and ear infections. It is available as a syrup or in tablet form and the dosage is 12.5mg/kg, twice daily for at least 7 days.

Cephalexin (Fish Flex): This is another very useful wide spectrum anitbiotic that can be used to treat all skin and wound infections. The fish version of this is much cheaper and is called Fish Flex, but is widely used to treat dogs and cats. Treat infections every 8 hours and the dosage is 30mg/kg. For most animals the 250mg tablet form is the most useful and can be bought here.

Baytril: this is a very powerful anitbiotic and should be used only when the others have failed or if the animal already has a serious infection. It will treat skin, ear, wound, urinary and mammary infections. It is available as an injectable solution or in tablet form. The dosage for the tablet form is 2mg/kg twice a day for 5-7 days. The tablets are available in different sizes and can only be found at your vet or at pet pharmacies with a prescription.

A combination of any one of the first two antibiotics and Baytril will pretty much take care of any infection that your pet may encounter.