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Animal Welfare in Greece:

Hercules made an incredible journey from the jaws of a cruel death to a wondeful home, from sickness to health, from a mountain village of Greece to his final adoptive home in Romania. Many people were involved in his rescue, from the couple who first rescued him, to the lady who nursed him back to health, to everyone who responded to our email appeal for funds to save him.

In summer of 2010, a Hungarian couple, Orsolya and Andras, holidaying in the North East Pilion found a giant Rottweiler tied to a tree, off the beaten track, obviously left to die. He was in a terrible condition, rib thin and full of sores and open wounds.

They brought Hercules to a vet who diagnosed Canine Leishmaniasis.

They paid for the very expensive treatment with Milteforan, but in the meantime he needed a foster home to give him his medication and get him in shape to cross frontiers. Orsolya and Andras could not stay in Greece all this time. Sylvie, an animal activist took Hercules and cared for him all through summer. We helped as much as we could by raising funds for Hercules's upkeep.

Hercules in his 2nd week of treatment.

Hercules was literally brought back from the jaws of death. He recuperated slowly and the medication took effect. In the meantime Orsolya and Andras worked hard in Hungary to find a good home for Hercules. It was touch and go as obviously it was a difficult case to rehome: a giant, sick dog from another country!

But fate intervened and at the last moment, they received an offer from a friend in Romania to give a good home to Hercules. Hercules was by then in much better shape and in condition to travel.

On September 12th 2011, Hercules left Greece and made the long journey to Hungary and then on to his new home in Romania. Here is what Orsolya wrote to us:

"After Hercules settled in to his new home all of us involved waited with baited breaths to hear about Hercules. We were not disappointed and got a full report with photos. Hercules is now living in a fully fenced in yard with an insulated dog house in a covered terrace and a giant Schnauzer puppy called Agni as a companion. His condition was improving by leaps and bounds and within the week he had settled in as king of his domain...."

Here is Hercules in his new home with his new friend, a giant Schanuzer puppy called Agni.