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Escorts needed urgently!

We are looking for escorts flying with with Air Berlin from Volos to Dusseldorf and Hamburg and Thessaloniki to Frankfurt. WE MAKE ALL THE ARRANGEMENTS! If you can be an escort please contact us immediately.

Animal Welfare in Greece:

We are in desperate need of foster homes for our rescues.

When we rescue a stray animal, we immediately start with the vaccination, microchip and passport process to get it ready for travel overseas. This can take two months if the dog is an adult. If it is a puppy then it cannot travael till it is 4 months of age. Females must be spayed although it is a simple operation that requires only 10 days of post operative care. The length of the stay also depends on our locating suitable transport arrangements or escorts to Germany. Usually it is not more then 6 months.

If we do not have foster families then these rescues would have nowhere to go.

If you decide to help by fostering, please be assured that PAWS will pay all the related expenses, including food.

If you are an animal lover then PLEASE consider fostering. There is much joy involved: puppies are delightful and many strays are often so happy and grateful to have a home that they shower you with love. When  you eventually see the photos of your fostered pup with their forever families, you'll be filled with an immense sense of satisfaction and happiness. YOU will have been instrumental in the journey from starving stray to loved member of a family.

If you have any doubts or questions we'd be happy to put you directly in contact with someone who has fostered one of our rescues in the past.

Can I say it again? PLEASE FOSTER!