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Escorts needed urgently!

We are looking for escorts flying with with Air Berlin from Volos to Dusseldorf and Hamburg and Thessaloniki to Frankfurt. WE MAKE ALL THE ARRANGEMENTS! If you can be an escort please contact us immediately.

Animal Welfare in Greece:

When the tourists leave and the tavernas close down, stray animals suffer terribly and often starve to death.

Our feeding programme consists of distributing food to volunteers who will feed the strays in their areas. In many villages, the animals struggle along and survive if there are a few individuals who feed them. There are both foreign and local residents who maintain huge colonies of feral and stray cats on their own. We also distribute food to these people when they request it. With the crisis, these requests have increased lately.

There are some critical areas where there are no permanent residents at all and the plight of the animals in these places is truly dreadful when winter rolls around. Since it would be extremely difficult to feed these animals on a daily basis the solution would be to set up food dispensers that can be refilled weekly. This would represent an expansion of our current feeding programme. We believe that it will mean the difference between survival and starvation for many animals and is therefore worthwhile pursuing.

The feeding programme will, above all, need the support and cooperation of all to succeed: from the donors who will pay for the food and dispensers to the volunteers who will take care of the animals in their areas, to PAWS who will have to coordinate it all.