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Animal Welfare in Greece:

As with our cat neutering programme we face cultural prejudices against the sterilisation of animals. We have been accused of depriving animals of "the pleasure of sex". This view is quite prevalent in Greece even amongst the highly educated and is therefore not confined only to a narrow sector of the population. We have often debated the "morality" of spaying animals and our argument has always been that the prevention of unnecessary suffering far outweighs any undocumented pleasures.

If you have any doubts at all about the advantages of neutering animals please read this excellent article 9 myths about neutering by SPAZ (Society for the protection of Stray Animals, a charity active in Southern Attiki, Greece).

Dog neutering is slightly more complicated and expensive than cat neutering because the neutered animal needs to be kept under care and supervision for 5-7 days after the operation.

In March 2013 we obtained a grant from Greek animal rescue that permitted us to start the first ever stray dog neutering programme in Pelion! The programme is directed at mainly female strays, although large, dominant males also qualify. We still need the help of animal lovers to indentify, locate and bring in the animals. However, concerned animal lovers who want to help a stray avoid having repeated litters of puppies can now have such dogs neutered free of charge.

We also aid pet owners by directing them to the vets that we work with, who are extremely experienced, however their pets do not qualify for this programme.

All females of age that enter our rescue and adoption programme are also spayed.

Bear in mind that here in Greece pet ownership is often a nebulous affair. A person may feed and shelter an animal, yet because it has come from the streets and is allowed to roam free, this person may not consider him/herself as responsible for this animal. This is where PAWS may intervene to mediate a neuter by encouraging, giving information and setting up appointments with our vet.

Eventually we would like to set up a dog spay centre where stray animals can be safely spayed and then kept behind for post operative care. This project is one of our future goals and it will be closely associated with our cat neutering centre project.