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Animal Welfare in Greece:

Poor Daisy was kept in a pen for over a year. An "animal lover" had taken her off the streets and placed her in the dog hotel where she was promptly forgotten. This misguided soul paid for Daisy's upkeep but never went to visit her once... 

When we went to take pictures of Daisy she had been in the pen for just over a year which roughly translates into 7 years of a dog's life. She would have been better off taking her chances as a stray! She was so starved of affection and amusement that when we went into her pen she ran around us in circles for 15 miuntes frenziedly. She then stopped and jumped up onto us and looked at us pleadingly: "HELP!". We knew then that we had to get her out of jail.

We had Louka, Pip and Gala slated to leave in January and we asked the charity that we work with if Daisy could get her get-out-of-jail card too. We explained her situtaion and were delighted when they told us to send Daisy over too.

Daisy now lives with a family in a house by the woods where she gets to run daily. Unfortunately she contracted Leishamaniasis whilst in "jail" and will have to live with this disease all her life. But her family do not care, they love her dearly and will take care of her for the rest of her life. 

Daisy is free and happy at last!