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Animal Welfare in Greece:

Right now our cat neutering events are held at the houses of different people who volunteer the space. Our goal is to be able to hold at least four cat neutering events a year and neuter between 60-120 cats each time, depending on if one or two vets are sent over. This means that we really need to have a regular base of operations to set up a simple clinic and keep all the equipment like traps, cages and boxes. In short, we need a neutering centre.

Please note that our cat and dog neutering programmes are ONLY for stray and feral animals which we trap and then return to where they were found. We encourage pet owners to neuter their pets but they are not a part of our neutering programmes.

Our idea is to to rent a small house with good road access, water and electricity and outfit the space for this purpose. It need not be very expensive, as up till now we have been operating with equipment that is set up and taken down within a day. However a permanent base means that we can be much better organised, with special areas for cats needing longer recuperation due to illness or injury, a quarantine area, a laundry area and a large washing area to clean the boxes and cages. The operating room could have stainless steel table tops and proper lighting and the medication and instruments could be efficiently stored and organised.

Eventually the centre could also be used to expand our neutering programme to include dogs as a complement  to our present neutering programme. It would also serve as a centre of operations and base for organizing other cat neutering events in villages too far away to benefit from our current sphere of activity. We would work with small groups of animal lovers who have expressed an interest in organizing such events with our help.


If this project was realised it would greatly improve the lives of many strays in Pelion. Cats could be neutered systematically and we could really make a dent on the population of stray cats in many villages. Dogs would also  benefit if we could add dog neutering to our present agenda. It is a win-win situation for all and indeed, it is sorely needed.


If you would like to support this project, please visit our Donate page and specify that you wish your donation to specifically go towards funding this project. Help us make the PAWS neutering centre and animal clinic in Pelion a reality!